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Meet your teachers

Preston Palmer

Award Winning MN Wedding Photographer Preston Palmer of Brovado Weddings has been photographing weddings full time since 2006.  One look at his work and you’ll see why he is a highly demanded wedding photographer nationwide.  His magnetic personality and ability to communicate complex concepts in simple to understand ways are just a couple reasons he’s such an incredible teacher.  Spending an afternoon with Preston has been described as “trying to drink from a fire-hydrant.”  You will leave feeling inspired, motivated, and full of knowledge.  Preston will teach you every aspect of photography from the very basic functions of a camera to the most advanced, from communicating to clients properly on a busy, stressful wedding day, to delivering stunning works of art that they will cherish for a lifetime.  For those of you looking to take your business to the next level, Preston offers an advanced Wedding Photography Apprentice Program, designed to skyrocket your wedding business to the next level.  Find out more information about Preston Palmer on his website,

Take a look at Preston’s MN Wedding Photography Website!

Nathan Ashby

Master Photographer Nathan Ashby studied fine art film photography in London before moving to the Big Island of Hawaii to hone his unique and beautiful style of Landscape and Nature photography.  Pursuing his passion further, Nathan worked for two years traveling the globe as a photographer aboard cruise ships, perfecting his skills in natural and studio lighting, portraiture, video and more.  Nathan is also a highly skilled videographer and film editor.  Highly trained in his craft, Nathan came to work for Brovado Weddings full time in 2011 and runs the Wedding Videography department.  He specializes in capturing unique, beautiful and timeless videos for clients.  Nathan can command attention with a large crowd, and work magic with even the most difficult clients.  His passion is to share with you the tricks of the trade he has learned along the way, and to equip you with the tools you need to achieve your personal goals.

Elizabeth Fillmore

Working full time as a photo editor for Brovado Weddings since 2009, Liz is truly the one who puts stunning artistry into each and every wedding photo.  She is a master at using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and manages the nearly one million wedding and engagement photographs in Brovado Weddings’ database.  Leveraging her Lightroom knowledge, Liz is able to cull, perfect, and deliver fully edited wedding photos to clients within one week of their event.  In addition to managing the blog, she also produced and maintains the MN Wedding Photography website and Hawaii Wedding Photography website, and she designs many of Brovado’s marketing materials and products for clients.  Liz will teach you the ins and out of every single aspect of Lightroom;  from the very beginning of importing photos to narrowing  them down, editing, tagging, flagging, categorizing, and making each and every photo look awesome.  With what you learn from Liz, you’ll have more time to shoot, and spend lest time editing!  By the time she’s done with you, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your photos before!
It's time that you took your photography to the next level!.
Photography for Beginners

Do you love photography?  Are you new behind a camera and feeling overwhelmed?  Maybe you enjoy taking photos of your kids, your garden, or sunsets.  Or maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve picked up a camera and you need a refresher…

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One Day Intensive

Know your way around a camera and want to take your skills to the next level?  Or perhaps you have made the decision to start or have already started a photography business but don’t know what to do next.  This 9 hour hands-on workshop is designed around your needs and will give you the tools and concepts you need to get ahead in the world of photography.

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Lightroom Basic

Adobe makes many great products, and everyone has heard of Adobe Photoshop.  Photoshop is thought by many to be the one program that all photographers use in their daily life.  But this is not true.  Photoshop is designed around the needs of graphic designers and a host of other job roles.  Photographers use it too, just never for editing large quantities of photos.  Adobe Lightroom, on the other hand, was designed from the ground up to be solely used by photographers, and it shows.

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