Lightroom Advanced

The Lightroom Advanced course is for photographers who are already familiar with the Lightroom interface and know how to use its basic functions.  In this 6 hour session we will get down and dirty, discussing everything from proper image cataloging to advanced editing techniques.  You’ll learn about the newest capabilities of Lightroom CC, and we will go over effective professional methods for sorting and filtering images and efficient ways to use flagging systems.  Most importantly, we will discuss backup and storage systems for your growing photo library.  This class INCLUDES a package of  Preston Palmer’s favorite Lightroom presets for you to own!

This course will teach you:

  • Advanced editing techniques, including graduated filters, split-toning, color effects and noise reduction
  • How to apply edits to multiple photos at once
  • The newest functions available in the Lightroom 5 software
  • The image selecting method that is used by the most elite photographers
  • How to flag, catalog, tag and keyword images
  • How to create different presets for filtering images
  • How to use the advanced functions of Lightroom you never knew existed
  • The best way to back up your library and the most trusted storage product on the market
  • How to calibrate Lightroom camera color profiles and individual lens corrections
  • How to properly watermark images with Lightroom’s batch watermark function
  • How to optimize images for different uses via export (export for Facebook, print quality, email, etc.)
  • How to save export presets

Cost: $299


Lightroom Advanced Course Dates:

March 4th, 2017

April 23rd, 2017